Thinking About Using A Staffing Agency In Brampton And The Greater Toronto Area For Your Next Hire? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you keen on selecting the best staffing agency to avail your business enough manpower? Check out correct information on what a recruitment agency like Winstarz Staffing provides, and everything else you need to know.

Picking the right candidates from a talent pool is difficult for many business owners in the Greater Toronto Area, especially small firms. The entire job advertisement, application sorting, interviewing, negotiations, and onboarding could be time-consuming and outright frustrating.

Small and medium-scale businesses that engage too much in the hiring process lose valuable time and resources. However, that’s no longer the case, as staffing agencies are now common and accepted across HR circles.

But there’s still much to know before you settle for hiring employees through a staffing agency. That’s why this guide provides essential information you need to know about a recruitment agency. The information in this post helps you max out your hiring process, and get top talent on your team.

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What Type of Positions Can Staffing Agencies Fill For Your Business, and How Do They Do It?


Staffing agencies can help companies fill the following types of positions:

1.    Temporary positions

Jobs that have a start and end date are common during the holidays or when schools are on break. Many businesses need extra hands to shoulder huge demand from customers, but for short periods only. A recruitment service helps such businesses with capable hands to keep operations running for as long as desired.

Workers that need temporary employment remain in the books of recruitment agencies and are usually best suited for short-term jobs.

2.    Intermediate (temporary-to-hire) positions

Some jobs may require a form of probation period before offering qualified staff full-time employment. A staffing agency can help provide manpower to companies seeking qualified workers tested through on-the-job training.

Staffing agencies will advertise the vacancies on their website, job boards, or other media where potential candidates are available. Suitable candidates usually undergo an initial interview to draw up a shortlist for the hiring company.

Candidates on probation will have to prove their skills and expertise on the job. In most cases, these programs do not last longer than a few months. When suitable candidates on probation are screened by their performance, the best employee usually gets hired full-time.

Any candidate selected for the probation remains an employee of the recruiter until a full-time hire comes along.

3.    Direct hires

Staffing agencies can provide the right, long-term manpower for businesses that need staff for permanent positions. Direct hires are different from other positions, as recruiters act as an intermediary between the business and prospective staff.

Most direct hires involving staffing agencies are posted on job boards and recruitment forums. Whenever qualified candidates show interest and formally apply for open positions, staffing agencies conduct initial interviews.

Recruitment agencies usually perform detailed background checks before introducing a potential employee to any business.

Unlike temporary or intermediate positions, staff from direct hires are not employees of the recruitment agency. The recruitment agency is only saddled with the recruitment process, while their candidates become full-time employees of companies seeking workers.

Benefits of Using A Staffing Agency For Your Hires In Brampton And The Greater Toronto Area

·      Precision hires

Some businesses may not need full-time employees to complete duties and want temporal staff. Businesses can contact a recruitment agency and get staff to work for a pre-determined period of time.

Working with a company that offers staff for short-term hires saves money, time, and gets your operations running smoothly.

·      Faster rate of hires

Hiring the right employees without external help is a top concern for businesses. Many company hiring processes could take several months before spotting the ideal candidate. However, that’s not the case with a staffing agency.

Staffing agencies usually have a large list of suitable employees to fill open positions in many companies at a time. When you work with a staffing agency to recruit staff, your business can fill positions within a month.

·      Lesser risk

Engaging employees through direct hires could be expensive and immense risk for businesses. Onboarding a direct employee means handling insurance, labor, insurance, and other coverage.

Most staffing agencies remove this risk by catering to the insurance, tax, and other liabilities of employees.


How Much Do Staffing Agency Charge On Average?

Most staffing agency in Brampton and GTA usually charge within a quarter to 100% of worker’s wages. Let’s say you hire employees from a staffing agency that charges 25% of what their workers will earn. If workers are expected to earn $20 per hour, you will have to pay the agency $25 for their services. Pricing varies, but doesn’t go below 25% of what workers earn per hour in your company.

Best Ways To Choose A Staffing Agency In The GTA

·      Select a reputable company

Don’t go for the cheapest hiring agency, your business may suffer for it. Instead, selecting a staffing agency that is respected in the human resources industry and has a proven track record. Recognized recruitment agencies ensure you get the best talent without having to worry much about employee suitability to your vacancies.

·      Pick a firm with capacity to fulfill your goals

Do you want a firm that can provide hundreds of staff for your business on short notice? Not every staffing firm can deliver dozens of workers within a few weeks. Also, you need to consider the caliber of employees staffing agencies offer before making a final selection. Check for reviews on each staffing agency on your shortlist during your selection process.

·      Choose a firm that respects workers’ rights

It would be unfair and outright dangerous to partner with a staffing agency that has no respect for workers’ rights. Ensure your chosen staffing agency is a signatory to workers’ associations where employees’ rights are protected.

Planning to Hire? Trust WinStarz Staffing Ageny for Top Talent

Hiring the right staff on your own may be a challenge your business isn’t wired to deal with. But with a professional staffing agency, your business can get the right manpower to keep your operations running.

Respected firms like WinStarz Staffing can handle all your recruitment needs, putting high-caliber talent on your team. With our expansive knowledge of local business interest in the GTA, we can help employers fulfill their goals.

Contact our professional team at Winstarz Staffing today.  You can reach us at 905-230-8383 or visit company website at: We are open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. Our expert recruitment services ensures you get the right people on your team any time.

Thinking About Using A Staffing Agency In Brampton And The Greater Toronto Area For Your Next Hire? Here’s What You Need To Know
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