WinStarz’s Digital Reach

We at WinStarz are opening doors to let candidates and employers reach our platform, at anytime, anywhere.  Technology has opened a new world of possibilities for everyone, but when it comes to recruitment, how we unleash this potential is what sets us apart.

Founded on real-time analytics, we design and manage effective employee attraction campaigns that easily ramp up and down to meet your changing requirements.

We build and manage effective candidate recruitment campaigns based on real-time data that readily scale up and down to match your changing needs.

Of course, we use our large candidate database, partnerships with major and specialty online job boards, social search, direct advertising, integrated email campaigns, and CV searching to attract potential employees, but our candidate attraction capabilities don’t stop there.

We delve into relevant social media groups and engage with key influencers to advertise your job vacancies through local community relationships. Our custom-built microsites promote an engaging employer brand that echoes your company’s culture, objectives, and direction while showcasing all of your job openings. We’ll engage with the right candidates, no matter what platform they’re visiting us from – nurturing a seamless candidate experience. Our website receives over two million visits per year and is 100 percent responsive; we’ll engage with the right candidates, no matter what platform they’re visiting us from.

All of this means you can rest assured that we’ll uncover the talent you require — quickly.


Job searchers’ habits are altering because of social media. That’s why we started a long-term transformation initiative to teach our consultants how to use social media to develop high-quality, long-term relationships with both job seekers and clients.

We give our clients a particular advantage when it comes to engaging talent, advocating, and marketing job opportunities, and maintaining their brand, thanks to the power of social media. We can also deep search specialized communities and access uncommon and hard-to-find talent using our unique social search technique, ensuring we always locate the ideal individual for your roles, whether they’re actively seeking for a new job or not.