12 Warning Signs Your Top Employee Is About To Quit And What You Can Do To Retain Them In The GTA

As an employer, your goal should be to retain your top employees for as long as possible. However, at times such employees quit their jobs without the management recognizing the initial signs.

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Losing a top performer can be quite stressful, especially if you are in a competitive business environment. In addition to this, the corporate world is continuously changing, so it would be wise to have people who can provide the required services efficiently.

Top employees are considered as assets in most companies because they can deliver more work compared to the rest of the staff. Besides, employee turnover can lead to loss of productivity, time wastage, and an increase in company expenditure.

To avoid this, employers and company supervisors should always be on the lookout for indicators or behaviors that may suggest an employee is planning to quit. The only problem is that these signs often go unnoticed despite sharing a work environment with your employees.

Here are some of the signs that can tell you your top employee is planning to make an exit

#1. The employee avoids work

If you notice that your top employee is avoiding work intentionally, it could be that they are planning to quit. Work avoidance can be in the form of absenteeism or not doing the assigned tasks. This usually happens when an employee no longer finds meaning in what they are doing.

#2. They no longer return emails or phone calls

Is your employee not picking your calls or dodging your emails? If so, there is a high chance that they are contemplating resignation. By avoiding your calls and emails, they are sure that you won’t have a chance to ask them questions that they are not yet ready to answer.

#3. Segregation

Employees who are planning to say goodbye to a company often avoid social interaction with their workmates. They try as much as they can to stay out of everybody’s radar as this helps them in avoiding “unnecessary” confrontations or being put in a tight spot by fellow colleagues.

#4. Negative Attitude

Sometimes, employees show a negative attitude towards work when they no longer feel accountable. A negative attitude may be presented by the utterance of pessimistic comments about the company, blaming other people, showing disrespect to other employees, just to mention but a few.

#5. The employee no longer takes part in long-term projects

An employee who is planning on leaving your company will show zero interest in long-term projects because they feel it may delay their exit. They will avoid committing themselves to large projects at all costs. Instead, they’ll focus on small tasks that they can clear within the shortest time possible without drawing attention to themselves.

#6. Coming to work late and leaving before time

Does your employee report to work late and leave early? This shows their disinterest and lack of engagement in their job. It also means they can’t wait to leave the company.

#7. Decreased productivity

The term top employee denotes a high level of productivity. So, if you notice that the performance of your best employee has dropped drastically, it could mean they are less interested in their work and are planning to leave soon.

#8. Your top employee complains

Complaining is not bad, but if an employee does it excessively it can be a red flag. This can apply if the employee complains about the terms and policies that govern the company or questions the decisions made by the management.

#9. A sudden change in dressing style

Dressing style mirrors a person’s personality and mood. As such, if your top employee comes to work in casual attire instead of dressing formally as stated in the company policy, they may be developing a rebellious attitude since they no longer feel they are part of the company.

#10. Does not bring in new ideas

An employee will only bring in new ideas when they care about the company and its growth. That being said, if your top employee brings nothing to the table it could mean their loyalty is somewhere else.

#11. No longer a team player

Top employees are known to be team players. They encourage other members of the staff to work hard and also motivate those who are underperforming. However, employees who are thinking of leaving the company will do none of the above.

#12. Takes long breaks in between work sessions

Employees are allowed to have short breaks as they do their work. Nonetheless, some may take unnecessarily long breaks that lead to time wastage. If your top employee is exhibiting such behaviors, they are likely disinterested in whatever they are doing.

What You Can Do To Retain Your Top Employee

#1. Appreciate the efforts of your top employees

Show that you care and notice the effort that each employee is making in doing their work. You can do this by giving out awards or offering praises.

#2. Create a healthy work environment

If you are looking to keep all your employees, including the top performers, then you should consider creating a favorable and conducive work environment.

Most employees quit their jobs because the work environment is too toxic for them.

#3. Show Empathy

This simply means putting yourself in the employee’s shoes and understanding their feelings and the reason as to why they want to leave the company. Through this, you will be in a better position to convince them to stay.

#4. Create opportunities for growth

One of the reasons why most top employees leave their current places of work is because competitors offer them better job positions. If you value your top employees, you should consider creating promotion opportunities that can help them grow in the workplace.

#5. Conducting regular surveys

The best way to know how your employees are feeling about the company is by conducting surveys on a regular basis. Ensure that you ask questions that will help you understand all members of your staff.

Final Verdict

As you can see, being able to identify the signs is only but the first step. You have to put in extra effort to ensure that your top employees don’t leave your company.

Watch out for these signs that your top employee is about to quit. By keeping an eye on these warning signals, you can retain your best employees. At Winstarz Staffing we help employers and job seekers in the Greater Toronto Area find the perfect candidate and job. For a free consultation and registration, contact our professional team.  You can reach us at 905-230-8383 or visit company website at: https://winstarzstaffing.ca. We are open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

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